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Name:  Simon Elliot
Race:  Human
Age:  46
Sex:  Male
Birth Place:  London, England
Home World:  Earth
Height:  6' 2"
Eyes:  Blue/Green
Hair:  Blond
Weight:  165 lbs





2350:  Starfleet Academy

2354:  Advanced Tactics and War College

2358:  UFP Marshals Training School

Previous Assignments:
2350:  Starfleet Academy;  Cadet

2354:  Advanced Tactics and War College;  Ensign

2356:  USS Langtree,  Security;  Ensign

2358:  UFP Marshals Training School;  Student

2360:  UFP Embassy, Vulcan;  Deputy Marshal

2364:  UFP Headquarters, Earth;  Presidential Bodyguard

2370:  Alpha Quadrant;  Deputy Marshal

2380:  Beta Quadrant;  UFP Sector Marshal

Personal History:
Simon Elliot was born in London, England on Earth.  Both of his parents are now deceased, but his Father, Morton, was a Starfleet officer and his mother, Gladys, a civilian.  Following in his father's footsteps, Simon joined Starfleet at the age of sixteen and majored in the security field.  Upon graduation, he applied to and was accepted at the Advanced Tactics and War College before going to his first posting aboard the USS Langtree as an Ensign.


In 2358, feeling that Starfleet wasn't quite right for him, Simon applied to the Federation Marshal Service and was accepted.  Once his training was completed, his first posting was to the Federation Embassy on the planet Vulcan.  During a UFP Presidential visit, an assassination attempt by still unknown assailants prompted Simon to save the President's life, which garnered great favor for Simon and the Marshal Service itself.  Because of these actions, Simon left Vulcan and did a six-year stint as a presidential bodyguard on Earth at the UFP Headquarters.


Always chasing a challenge, Simon left Earth in 2370 and began patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone as a Deputy UFP Marshal.  It was shortly after this that Simon's parents were killed in a tram accident on Deneb IV, leaving him distraught over the fact that he was not present when they died.  For the next ten years, a stoic Simon continued his duties as a UFP Deputy Marshal and distinguished himself greatly, being quoted that he "wanted to make his Mum and Dad proud".


In 2380, Simon was offered the position of Beta Quadrant UFP Sector Marshal and he readily accepted.  His current base of operations is Starbase justice, orbiting the planet Quatal just outside the Badlands near Cardassian space.

Simon is a quiet man and not prone to outbursts of any type.  He feels that sort of behavior undermines his ability to resolve any given situation which he might be dealing with.  He does not drink and is prone to fix adversaries with a piercing stare. 
He reads at least a book a week, when time and duties permit.

Simon is a brilliant tactician and strategist.

He is most always calm and cool under stressful conditions and inspires calmness in others.

Simon is an expert shot with most any kind of energy or projectile weapon.

He has the ability to "think outside the box".