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The year is 2380.  Much like the peace keepers of the Old West, Federation Marshals are charged with keeping order in areas within the UFP that are still wild and close to lawlessness.  Located just outside the Badlands in orbit about the planet Quatal and under an accord with the Cardassian Government, the Marshals patrol the surrounding sectors from their home base (Starbase Justice) and protect the innocent.

Since the fall of the Dominion and the destruction of the Cardassian home world and most of its fleet, Cardassian forces are stretched thin.  The Provisional Government on Cardassia Prime fears that their system will fall prey to anyone out to settle a score with them.  The Federation and Starfleet have agreed to augment Cardassian security with the Federation Marshal Service.  They are ready for the challenge.

Their duties include much more than simple law enforcement, however.  Their commitment is to the peoples of the sectors they patrol, to the laws in those sectors that they may not even agree with and the continued good standing of the Federation with those governments.  They are police officers, diplomats and citizens of the galaxy.