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Like any game, there have to be a FEW guidelines. this case, there are ONLY a few:


1)  Post at least once per week.  More is fine and even encouraged!


2)  Absolutely NO killing someone else's character!  I am pretty even-keeled, but I WILL go nuclear over the breaking of this rule.  Joint Posts are encouraged when using another person's character in a post.  You can use another person's character, sparingly, but try not to make their characters make any big decisions, that is the writer's call. 


3)  ALL posts will be screened for spelling.  So, do me a favor and send it through a spell-check program first, OK?


4)  NO Borg, Former BORG, Q, Supermen or Gods.  This is NON-Negotiable.


5)  PLEASE feel free to suggest storylines and such!!!  I am ALWAYS open to suggestions!


THOSE are the rules.  Like I said, just a few.  I hope there're none that anyone cannot live with.