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Name:  Roman Taylor
Race:  Human
Age:  36
Sex:  Male
Birth Place:  Earth
Home World:  Earth
Height:  5' 10"
Eyes:  Green
Hair:  Brown
Weight:  210 lbs





Earth Service Security Training

Yale Medical School (Pathology)

Starfleet Marshals Academy

Previous Assignments:
Earth Force Security (North American Division)

Deep Space 13, Security

Personal History:
Born in a small town on Earth.  At age eighteen, he enrolled at Yale University in the Pathology program.  He joined Earth Force Security's training academy, after he graduated Yale.  He graduated at the top of his class at the E.F.S. Academy.  At age 27, he joined Starfleet in the Marshals Academy.  Upon graduation, he took a position on station Deep Space 13 in the security section.

He has the tendency to want to rely on his feelings more than on logic.  Once he is assigned a task, he will complete that task, no matter what it takes.  Roman has one bad habit, that is he doesn't know when to give up on anything...sometimes appearing to be obsessive.

Roman is one of the best Pathologists to practice in the last twenty years.  The ability to see past the way things look on the outside.  A fair shuttle pilot.